FGG In The News

InvestmentNews Details the Importance of Small Custodians & Their RIA Clients, February 2017

Jeff Benjamin from InvestmentNews,”The Leading Information Source for Financial Advisors”, interviewed Mr. Carl von dem Bussche. The article details the important role of smaller custodians and their RIA clients for the finance industry.

MusicRow Highlights FGG’s New Nashville, TN Location, October 2016

MusicRow magazine, Nashville’s forefront music industry trade publication, announces Financial Guidance Group’s arrival to the Nashville area with our new Franklin office bringing their over 50+ combined years of experience to the TN market. The article highlights Carl von dem Bussche Jr.’s experience and knowledge of the entertainment industry and his determination to help with the financial goals and dreams of that community.

FGG, Inc. Recognized by Financial Advisor Magazine As a Top-Ranked Advisor, September 2015

Financial Guidance Group was recognized as one of the Top Registered Investment Advisory firms by Financial Advisor magazine’s 2015 annual survey and rankings of Registered Investment Advisors

Financial Advisor Magazine top 2012 RIA Firms, July 2012

Financial Guidance Group, Inc group has been recognized as one of the top advisory firms by Financial Advisor Magazine in their FA’s 2012 RIA Survey reflecting asset growth of registered investment advisors and ranked second in their asset category.

Investment Advisor/Research Magazine, August 2011

Financial Guidance Group has been named to the 2011 Top Wealth Managers ranked by AdvisorOne. This is the 11th year for this listing and ranks registered investment advisor firms by their total assets under management and other metrics to compare and identify characteristics of top wealth management firms.

Financial Advisor, September 2007

In this industry publication, veteran journalist David Drucker explores how financial advisors think about their retirement years. Among the five advisors he interviewed is Carl von dem Bussche, Founder of Financial Guidance Group in Palm Harbor, Florida. Carl isn’t planning to retire any time soon, as he loves working with clients. He is also focused on mentoring his colleague and son Christoph, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

Financial Guidance Group Ranks Among Wealth Manager Magazine’s Top Financial Advisory Firms, July 07

Financial Guidance Group is one of 464 top financial advisory firms nationwide that are:

Registered investment advisers,

Report more than $50 million in assets

under advisement, and

Have predominantly individual clients.

CFP Board of Standards, June 2007

The new CFP Code of Ethics states that CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificants are fiduciaries. As such, they are required to at all times place the interests of the client, ahead of his or her own (Section 1.4); disclose their compensation in detail, up-front and during the life of the engagement (2.2a); identify potential conflicts of interest (2.2b); always provide services with integrity and objectivity (4.1); and only make and/or implement recommendations that are suitable for the client (4.5). Carl and Christoph von dem Bussche have both earned the right to use the CFP® mark of distinction and are proud to serve as fiduciaries to their clientele.

Wealth Manager Magazine, June 2007

Journalist Marie Swift profiles Carl von dem Bussche in her article “Family Practitioner”, in this publication for financial advisors.

Research magazine, May 2007

In “Incorporation the Value-Add,” in this magazine for financial advisors, industry journalist Marie Swift explores what some financial advisors do to provide extra value to their clients. She cites the arrangement that Carl von dem Bussche has established with several luxury car dealerships to negotiate special deals for his clients. Read the article.

Wealth Manager Awarded Fiduciary Designation, April 10, 2007

Carl von dem Bussche, CFP®, AIF®, has earned the ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY® designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies. The AIF designation signifies training in fiduciary responsibility.

Business Week, February 26, 2007

“The financial-services world boasts nearly 90 designations, titles, degrees, affiliations, certifications, and accreditations, some of which require little more than a check to obtain,” says writer Lauren Young in “Financial Pedigrees – or Blarney?” The article goes on to talk about the granddaddy credential of them all, the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and advises consumers to “bring a spoon the next time you sit down with a financial advisor” to sort through the alphabet soup of credentials.

TampaBayInformer.com, February 2007

Christoph von dem Bussche has met the stringent requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board) to be authorized to use the certification marks, including CFP® and Certified Financial Planner™. Only 54% of those who sat for the examination passed. Christoph has been with Financial Guidance Group since 2005.

Local Financial Advisor Earns Prestigious Credential, February 2007

Financial Guidance Group announced that Christoph von dem Bussche has met the requirements of the CFP Board and is authorized to use the CFP™ marks of distinction.

Kiplinger Personal Finance, January 2006

Journalist David Landis, in his article “Look to the Land of the Rising Sun” for Big Gains, profiles a Financial Guidance Group client. The article addresses the importance of including international investments for a well-balanced, diversified portfolio.